Be a Sponsor

We Need Your Help!

As we strive to help each individual player, our volunteering time isn’t enough to provide the experience we are trying to achieve.  Games, practice fields, and access to professionals with vast years of softball skills experience costs money.  We need your assistance to cover these costs.  With your sponsorship we will be able to:

  1. Pay for practice fields – both indoor and outdoor
  2. Participate in local tournaments playing against other softball teams
  3. Purchase training materials – softballs, hitting nets, and  safety equipment
  4. Assist in travel costs providing an experience to our players that they will remember for a lifetime with participation in an overnight tournament
  5. Uniforms

Your donation is 100% tax deductible

Our Goals

We believe that it is healthy to participate in other sports and activities in addition to our program. Our members are encouraged to explore other sports with complementary seasons, such as basketball, volleyball, dance, and cheerleading as much as practicable.

  1. Continue the training and experience for the players through year round practices and higher level of competition in tournaments during the fall and summer.
  2. Create a program that caters and promotes multi sport athletes
  3. Provide continued professional instruction, with skills coaches for fitness, hitting, pitching, and catching

* Bunt *

* Single *

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.15.01 PM

  • Family Sponsored – Elgin Impact Auto Window decal



** Double**

 *** Triple ***

  • Includes Single Plus…
  • Plaque – w/ Team Picture and Company Name


  • Includes Single & Double  Plus…
  • Name included on our 24×48 sponsor team banner displayed at each one of our games (summer)


 **** Home Run ****

 **** Grand Slam ****

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  • Includes Single, Double & Triple Plus…
  • Impact Jersey – Number + Company Name


  • Includes Single, Double & Triple HR, Plus…
  • Separate Company Banner displayed at our home field on the outfield fence