Softball Season

Our Program Structure

Once tryouts are complete, we will have an kickoff parent/player/coaches meeting where we will all get to know each other and review what is expected and our code of conduct.  We will go over any confirmed tournaments and gather information from each of you regarding your personal goals and objectives for the season.   The season is approximately 47 weeks long with a break during the IHSA softball season which lasts approximately 12 weeks.   It is broken down into Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring for 14U Only

Elgin Impact is an 11 month program / season mirroring national organizations like ASA and USSSA.  We operation from Aug 1 through July 31 each year.  Our season is broken down into 3 major sessions: Fall, Winter, and Summer.  During the Spring season, our 16U and 18U levels participate with the high school level while our 14U level will continue the Winter indoor program until weather permits.  14U will have an added Spring session.

Fall Session:

During our fall session, we focus on building team culture, process, and discipline.  As players come together, some for the first time, we work with each player what it means to become a team player and how a travel team operates.  We use the fall season to understand player and team goals and identify the work needed for each player and the team to achieve those goals.   The teams participate in 4-6 tournaments depending on costs and timing along with a number of scrimmage games coordinated with other area travel teams.  We have worked with Elgin Heat and Cary Grove Crush Tidal Waves along with many others.   Practices are held twice a week during times that have the least likelihood to conflict with other High School sports such as Volleyball, Soccer, and Cheer.

Winter Session:

During our winter session, we move indoors and we focus on basic foundational defensive skills as well as hitting fundamentals.  During this session, we work heavily with our skills coaches for hitting, pitching and catching.   We practice twice a week which includes a 1 hour speed and agility training session with a specialized speed coach.  We continue to balance the players High School sports commitments with participation in our program. 

Summer Session:

In our Summer session, we put together everything that has been learned and practiced in our fall and winter sessions and compete in 5-6 tournaments including one overnight travel tournament and one college exposure tournament.  We prepare the players all season long on how to work with high school and college programs.  We assist each player in creating a player profile available on line and how to write letters to college coaches for future recruitment.   We continually asses the players and keep all statistics for them to share with any prospective recruiters.  We practice three times a week during the summer session.