First Pitch Strike….

Quoting Venus Taylor ” Domingo is the best! I was a three hitter and a lead off and there is no way I am watching the first good strike go by! Some may say if your a lead off you should watch pitches. Disagree. If I am the lead off hitter my job is to get on base. The first strike you see is the best strike you will see unless a pitcher is making a mistake. Hit the pitch you have the best chance to succeed on! Studies show if you watch a strike….you decrease your chance to get a hit by 33%. Be ready when you get in the box and attack the strikes! Your time to watch pitches is on the on deck circle. Swing out of your shoes! Great hitters don’t get in a habit of watching strikes.”  Check out the video.

— Words of wisdom!! I couldn’t agree more

Taking a Strike

A lot of coaches have their players take until they get a strike. In this week’s episode of Domingo Ayala’s Theory of Beisbol, Domingo explains his thoughts on taking a strike.

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